Release plans

R 3.0.0 release is scheduled within the two first quarters of 2013. We plan to release a new major version vegan 2.2-0 concurrently. At least one minor version of vegan will be released before the major version.

The major new features in vegan 2.2-0 are:

You can help in vegan development by testing the current development version and reporting the problems to us. See the next chapter for installing the development version.

Current releases

The current release version is available through CRAN. It can be installed using graphical package manager or in the command line with:


The current development version will become the new major release. It is available through R-Forge. It can be installed using graphical package manager and selecting as repository Alternatively, it can in installed in the command line with:

install.packages("vegan", repos="")

The source code of the development version as well as the source code of the working version of the next minor releases is available through R-Forge.

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